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Your Five Week Program For a More Fulfilled Life

This is the map youve been waiting for

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If you want to feel fulfilled and start showing up as your best self in just 5 weeks, then this is for you. 

Destiny has brought you to The Bliss Blueprint which I designed after years of study and experience. This map utilizes 5 Pillars (that were derived from ancient wisdom that existed before even the Great Pyramid of Giza) to effortlessly deliver a huge amount of valuable wisdom a short amount of time.

Each week in The Bliss Blueprint, you will receive guidance and support to nourish and integrate your “layers,” working progressively inward until you reach your innermost self – your Bliss. 

  1. Physical Body
  2. Energetic Body
  3. Mental Body
  4. Intuitive Body
  5. Bliss Body

The Bliss Blueprint is an ancient mystery teaching distilled into a modern day formula to help people reach their True Nature and live a life of fulfillment.

What do you desire?

health and energy

strong relationships

focus and organization

spiritual connection




clear intuition

confidence, power, radiance and charisma


purpose and impact

service to others

joy and creativity

What's Included

This 5 week course provides a practical modern roadmap to navigate through a tried-and-true ancienct mystery school philosophy which is successful in helping people reach Fulfillment and self-realization. 


We meet as a group weekly on Zoom for lessons and practicum.

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Member Vault

You will have life-time exclusive access to a members only vault that contains orientation info, documents, videos, and your Soul-Map Work. 

Sacred Space

 Receive intimate 1:1 mentorship from Alexandra between zoom gatherings and connect with fellow participants in a private Facebook group.

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Soul-Map Work

Independent “Soul Map Work” supports your transformation between our group meetings and provides rich nourishment for your growth. 

Healing Activation

Participants of this course receive powerful energetic activations that will integrate body, mind, and soul . Weekly group healings are infused Holy Fire Karuna Reiki and Bliss Light℠ Reiki.

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Alex's students





CHoose your plan

In true Grace Through Gravity fashion,  11% of sales from this program are donated to animal charities. 

* The VIP upgrade includes everything from the Full Experience PLUS additional support to increase the impact of your transformation so that you see more immediate results. VIP participants receive 1 90-minute diagnostic- healing and 3 additional 1 hour Karuna Reiki healings throughout the length of the course. 

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3, 6, and 9 month payment plans available

Bliss Blueprint Full Experience



3, 6, and 9 month payment plans available

Alexandra Hanly

I am the founder of Grace Through Gravity and your Bliss Blueprint teacher. I am a 500 hour registered yoga instructor and have a BA in clinical and counseling psychology. I am a Karuna Reiki Grandmaster with several other additional healing certifications you can read about in my full bio here

I help entrepreneurs, healers and spiritual seekers discover their “Dharma,” soul purpose by using healing techniques like  The 8 Limbs of Yoga, Holy Fire Karuna Reiki and Bliss Healing ℠, Tarot, and other spiritual modalities. In our work together, my clients align their mind body and soul so that they can live a fulfilled life from a place of Bliss so that they make their impact on the world. 

Alexandra xo

Frequently Asked Questions.

Alexandra believes in making knowledge and spiritual resources as accessible as possible. As a Yogini, she practices asteya (non-stealing) and satya (truthfulness); she charges what she thinks is fair to the students and instructor – never more. She always gives back and donates 11% of sales from this program to animal charities.  

It is a mission of Grace Through Gravity’s to give back and help animals. Certain GTG classes donate 100% of proceeds and at some events they are even doubled or tripled. This is an excellent example of having a purpose and feeling fulfilled – you feel passionate about helping and your cup is full enough to do so. If you wish to follow in these philanthropic footsteps, The Bliss Blueprint can help you start.  

So many other programs that promise transformation just slap on a sparkly bandaid or get you lost in your own old narrative. The Bliss Blueprint differentiates itself because it works structurally and energetically at the brick and mortar of what makes you, you. This program gracefully brings you through 5 levels of your very essence until you reach your core. Once you are there, you will receive a powerful activation and will open the channel for Enlightenment. 

Other programs may charge an arm and a leg or have inexperienced instructors. As stated above, Alex fundamentally will not charge outrageous rates like so many other programs do. She is experienced, highly knowledgeable, has earned many certifications, and has devoted her life to this work. 

An activation is a process which uses an energy code administered by the practictioner to rapidly heal and integrate the subtle and physical bodies. In this program, the activation you will receive integrates all 5 of your energy layers and raises the vibration of your Bliss body. It is a safe and powerful experience that stays with you for life. 

People who take this course should prepare themselves for a graceful and significant shift (especially for those who opt for the concurrent healing sessions). You can expect love and support from your instructor and peers. There are immediate noticeable results but this program is also designed to lay the foundation for Enlightenment down the road. This is the starting point, the recalibration of your system and the reintroduction to yourself. 

Carl Jung called this life-changing transformation “self-actualization!” 

This course provides a foundation of knowledge and hands on practice for understanding who and what you are. You will Astral travel, visit the akashic records, meet your Bliss guide, and receive extremely deep and transformational healing. 

Alex is happy to answer more questions you may have about enrolling in this program. Use the contact form below. 

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