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Alexandra is a Certified and Experienced Karuna Reiki Grandmaster Teacher. She is a recognized member of The International Association of Reiki Professionals (IARP) and The International Center for Reiki Training (ICTR). She holds additional certifications in Animal Reiki, Angel Healing, Crystal Healing, and Chakra Healing.

She has been practicing Distance Reiki around the world for years, with continued success, and loves the ability to connect with clients wherever they are. She feels honored to be able to bring healing into people’s lives and loves to witness how their lives can improve through the process of Reiki and Energy Healing.

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Reiki is Love,
Love is wholeness,
wholeness is balance,
balance is wellbeing,
wellbeing is freedom from disease.
~Dr. Mikao Usui

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Energetic Healing Modalities

Chakra Healing

Angel Healing


Crystal Energy Healing Grace Through Gravity

Crystal Healing

What is reiki and energy healing?

Reiki assesses the energetic body of each person, the levels of Prana or Qi (life force) in the body, any ailments in the physical or energetic body, and then clearing any blockages in the energy body and reactivating them. I also incorporate crystals throughout the session, especially if there is a specific chakra (energy center) that is blocked. Throughout our session, if you are comfortable, I may also pick up on aspects of your life as well, which can then transition into a Tarot reading later if you’d like.

What You Can Expect To Feel From A Reiki Or Energy Healing Session:

Many clients tell me that they feel instantly relaxed, sleep better, or are able to sit still. The next day they often feel energized and refreshed. Depending on how much energy there is to move, it can take a little longer for the energetic movement to take place. In some cases, it can even feel a little worse before it gets better, as the old energy or pain in the energetic body is moving out through your system. This shouldn’t last long, and you should feel energized and relaxed soon after the energetic body is refreshed. 

I also sometimes perform Third Eye clearing, a process that is part of Reiki training, on request. Typically, if you’re feeling a period of blockage or feeling stuck during a spiritual awakening, I will perform a Third Eye clearing, which may leave you feeling energized directly after our session and more spiritually open over the next few weeks.

How Distance Reiki Healing Session Work:

Currently, all Reiki Energy Healing sessions are scheduled online, and I carry out the energy healing using Distance Reiki. This allows you to receive the benefits from wherever you are.

Before your session, I recommend eating high pranic foods (foods that are light like vegetables or fruits) and drinking lots of water. Also try to get plenty of good rest. After the session, drinking plenty of water again can help to move any stagnant energy through.

You have the option to do a session via Zoom or to simply schedule with me and then go about your day as normal. Many people choose to schedule the session for the time they go to sleep, allowing you to receive during rest and wake up energized. If possible, you can create a calming, quiet environment and lie or sit down to receive your Distance Reiki session.

After a session, I will send you detailed feedback about your session—what I found in the Chakras and energetic body, what I worked on, and what energy we moved through—along with recommendations about diet, movement or rest, crystals, and any other habits for continued healing.

How animal Reiki Healing Sessions Work:

Animal Reiki can be done with Distance Reiki, and the training I received can be done with all types of animal. Very hyper animals tend to calm down and most animals are naturally drawn to energy healing. You may witness benefits including reduced anxiety, a decrease in pain, and small improvements that you may witness over time. 

You may schedule your time just as you would for a Reiki session for yourself. Your animal can then proceed with their day as normal and the healing will reach them wherever they are with whatever they’re doing.

After your animal’s session, you will receive an email from me with any findings about energetic blockages and shifts that we created during our Reiki and Energy healing session, and if I sense anything that warrants a recommendation I will pass those along to you as well.

Complete Energy Diagnostic and Reiki Healing

$188/ 90 minutes Zoom with Recording

This diagnostic is suggested for first time clients. We will assess your chakras and blockages in depth.  You will be an active participant in locating blockages and feeling out the state of your energy body. This provides an excellent foundation for future healings. 

mandala, healing, harmony

Full Reiki Session

$144/ 1 Hour Zoom with Recording

This is the standard time for a Reiki healing session. It will include an assessment of your physical and energy body to pick up on any blockages or pain. A special technique will be used to help lift and clear blockages and stagnant energy before infusing the body with new, light, and loving Reiki energy healing. Crystals that are personalized to your needs will be incorportated. Detailed post-session feedback will be emailed. 

You may rest privately or sleep during the healing instead of meet through zoom if you prefer. A typed report will be sent to you.  

"Alex is spot on with everything she says and does. She helped clear up my anxiety with healing which I needed and was able to see what I love and what helps ground me. She is wonderful and enlightening. Everyone needs to have her help. This world would be better for it!"
- Reiki Client, Cindy
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Half Hour Reiki Healing

$66/ half hour

A short and effective healing session which includes a chakra assessment and balancing, energy and aura clearing, and full-body healing. 

"I could tell immediately from the energy you sent my third eye. It has been vibrating beautifully during meditation for the last couple days."
- Reiki Client, Jamie
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