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A FREE 3-day Masterclass to awaken your Wildflower Spirit and reignite your sense of creativity and self expression

May 24 – 26th at 7-8pm EST

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Bloom, rise, and ascend in this FREE 3 day masterclass to unleash your creative power

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On Zoom from 7-8pm EST May 24th, 25th, and 26th. The final meeting is on the Super Flower Blood Moon, a full lunar eclipse wherein the moon will be 7% larger and 15% brighter than an average full moon.

Claim your creativity and freedom

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To be included in this free 3 day masterclass which will reawaken your creativity and reconnect you with a deep sense of freedom and peace

At the time of this masterclass, wildflowers will be at their peak bloomage and the moon will be brimming with fullness of light. We will take this as our entrance point to awaken our own inner power and fullness. 

Say YES to this free offer now so that you can unleash your most authentic self and feel empowered with unbounded creativity, confidence, and self expression. 

Experience Awakened Bliss Code℠

This healing Wildflower masterclass is a fantastic stand alone experience and is also designed to introduce you to Awakened Bliss Code℠. 

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