1-Week Energy-infused Self Paced Chakra Course

Balance your Chakras to Connect with Your Divine Purpose and Attract More Abundance

Are you feeling off balance? Do you have trouble sleeping or concentrating? Are you struggling to maintain healthy relationships? If any of this sounds familiar, it may be time to take a look at your chakras.

The chakras are energy centers in the body that affect our physical, mental, and emotional well-being. When they are in balance, we feel good. When they are out of balance, we may experience physical or emotional problems.

The good news is that you can balance your own chakras! This self-guided chakra course will teach you everything you need to know about the chakras and how to keep them in balance.

In this course, you will learn:

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    What the chakras are and how they affect your health
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    How to tell if your chakras are out of balance
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    How to cleanse and balance your chakras
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    Simple lifestyle changes you can make to keep your chakras in balance
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    Practical and easy ways to support your chakra system
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    Guided Activation Meditations to help you connect with each chakra

This course includes:

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    A detailed PDF chakra companion workbook that you can refer to again and again
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    Guided activation meditation for each chakra infused with the healing power of Reiki and the Awakened Bliss Codes
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    Lifetime access to the course so you can revisit it anytime you need a tune-up!

The PDF Chakra Companion Workbook includes:

You can complete this course in 1 week and see real results, or take your time and go at your own pace. Either way, you will come out of it feeling more balanced, connected, and grounded.

A glimpse into the course...

When you sign up for this course you will receive the detailed Chakras Companion Workbook PDF that guides you through the basics of chakras and how they influence your health on physical, mental, and emotional levels. The Companion Workbook provides detailed information on the 7 “master chakras” including locations, foods, colors, supportive practices, and affirmations for each one.

But this course is more than just an informative read. You will also receive powerful guided activation meditations infused with healing Reiki and Awakened Bliss Codes energy transmissions! There are 9 guided activations which include the 7 master chakras and 2 bonus chakras.

These are the 9 chakras that you will explore in this course:


The Root Chakra is our connection to the earth and our physical bodies.


The Sacral Chakra is our connection to our emotions and our ability to feel pleasure.

Solar plexus

The Solar Plexus Chakra is our connection to our personal power and sense of self.


The Heart Chakra is our connection to love and compassion. This is our energetic center that integrates Earth energy from below and Spirit energy from above.

high heart chakra

The High Heart Chakra (bonus!) is an important but often overlooked chakra that helps us to connect with our highest purpose and sense of trust in the Universe.


The Throat Chakra is our connection to communication and self-expression. This is our center of truth and authentic expression.

Third eye

The Third Eye Chakra is our connection to intuition and inner knowing.

Bindu chakra background removed

The Bindu Chakra (bonus!)  is an important but often overlooked chakra that helps us to connect with our Divine nature and sense of bliss.


The Crown Chakra is our connection point to our higher selves and spirit guides.

This course will give you the tools you need to:

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    Balance your chakras and feel more grounded
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    Connect with your intuition and inner guidance
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    Open up to more love, joy, and creativity in your life
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    Feel more confident, powerful, and clear about your purpose
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    Communicate with clarity and authenticity
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    Release old patterns and beliefs that no longer serve you
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    Call in more prosperity and abundance while following your heart

If you’re ready to learn more about the chakras and how to keep them in balance, sign up for this course today! 

You’ll receive instant access to the PDF Companion Workbook as well as the 9 Guided Activation Meditations.

Your Guide Alexandra


Alexandra is a Cosmic Priestess, best-selling author, and the newest Tarot deck creator at Hay House. She is a Chief Spiritual Advisor and creator of the leading-edge Awakened Bliss Codes℠ energy technology channeled directly from the Akashic records. She is an internationally-known Akashic Records Architect, Multigenerational Psychic-Medium, Galactic Shaman, and Intuitive Healer. She has extensive yogic and Vedic knowledge and has studied with the most highly regarded and influential spiritual experts in the world. She earned her BA in Clinical and Counseling Psychology and holds a vast array of holistic healing and spiritual certifications.

Alexandra founded Grace Through Gravity (GTG) to empower humanity and guide spiritual leaders, light workers, starseeds, healing practitioners, and higher-self seekers on their paths to bliss and holistic wellness all across the globe. She teaches practitioners, executives, thought leaders, and empowered individuals through exclusive 1:1 private spiritual advisement, expert small group consulting, and online spiritual upgrade programs through her bespoke modality. ⁠⁠The overall mission of GTG is to help animals and support as many souls as possible in reaching their highest life purpose. ⁠⁠As a passionate believer in compassion for all souls, GTG is proud to contribute a minimum of 11% of all proceeds to animal charities.

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