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Balance to Bliss Masterclass


Let’s enter into this Mercury retrograde period with power and grace!

Reawaken your gifts, realign your flow, and reignite your purpose.

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What would it feel like to truly have your energies in balance? To be in flow with your tasks and goals so you can move with more ease and efficiency? To be able to call in more abundance and manifest with ease? To not feel depleted, scattered, or run down? To feel creative, playful, and full of flowing vital-life force energy, instead?

In this masterclass, we will pull down and anchor in the cosmic intelligence known as the Awakened Bliss Codes (ABC). These are high-frequency living 11-dimensional codes that can shift all aspects of life and align you to your highest timeline.

In this masterclass...

You will tap into the energetic wisdom of your Higher Self, guides, ancestors, and star family to:

This masterclass is for you if you are ready to ...

Masterclass Schedule

Part 1: Mental Clarity, Energetic Alignment & Clearing

To start our sacred gathering, we will work with our divine masculine energy channel to gain clarity on your soul purpose and mission. You will receive energetic activations that will help you to bring aligned opportunities to you, take action, manifest with intention, and move forward with confidence and vitality. We will also clear any mental or emotional blocks that are holding you back from embodying your abundant highest timeline.

Part 2: Emotional Healing, Flow-State & Receptivity

In the second portion, we will work with our divine feminine energy channel to connect with the powerful energies of ease, love, abundance, and healing. You will receive activations and transmissions that will help you to release what is no longer serving you, bring in more flow and synchronicity, embed magnetism into your aura, and increase your receptivity to all the beauty and prosperity that wants to come into your life.

Part 3: Energetic Unification, Rebalance, and Integration

In the third part, we will rebalance your energetics through your chakras and energy system, and explore what it entails to live in consistent harmony with your lunar and solar channels. You will receive activations that will help you to unify your energy channels, amplify the vibration of your personal sacred geometry, bring yourself into greater balance, and integrate the powerful shifts that have taken place over the course of the masterclass so that you can experience more bliss, abundance, and creative energy.

This masterclass that will leave you feeling refreshed, rejuvenated, and aligned to your highest potential. The class will be recorded and sent to you after each session so that you can review the material and continue to work with the energies at your own pace.


For those who show up live and post their reflections in the group, you will be entered into a drawing for these 3 prizes:

  1. An ABC-activated oracle deck,
  2. An ABC-activated healing candle, or
  3. A 20-minute private Akashic reading with me.

In addition, a secret prize will be awarded to EVERYONE who attends. The announcement will be made at the end!

I am honored and excited to welcome you into this beautiful community vortex of bliss, joy, clarity, and abundance!

About Alexandra


Alexandra is a Cosmic Priestess, best-selling author, and the newest Tarot deck creator at Hay House. She is a Chief Spiritual Advisor and creator of the leading-edge Awakened Bliss Codes℠ energy technology channeled directly from the Akashic records. She is an internationally-known Akashic Records Architect, Multigenerational Psychic-Medium, Galactic Shaman, and Intuitive Healer. She has extensive yogic and Vedic knowledge and has studied with the most highly regarded and influential spiritual experts in the world. She earned her BA in Clinical and Counseling Psychology and holds a vast array of holistic healing and spiritual certifications.

Alexandra founded Grace Through Gravity (GTG) to empower humanity and guide spiritual leaders, light workers, starseeds, healing practitioners, and higher-self seekers on their paths to bliss and holistic wellness all across the globe. She teaches practitioners, executives, thought leaders, and empowered individuals through exclusive 1:1 private spiritual advisement, expert small group consulting, and online spiritual upgrade programs through her bespoke modality. ⁠⁠The overall mission of GTG is to help animals and support as many souls as possible in reaching their highest life purpose. ⁠⁠As a passionate believer in compassion for all souls, GTG is proud to contribute a minimum of 11% of all proceeds to animal charities.

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