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The official home of Awakened Bliss Code℠, The Bliss Blueprint℠, and The Bliss Force.
Expand your mind, exit the matrix, and enter Bliss.

Live Meetings

In additional to hours of recorded content within your courses, we meet live for practicum, meditation, discussions, activations, and more!

Interactive Courses

Courses are carefully curated for the smoothest and most enjoyable learning experience.


Courses are packed with mediations, activations, Awakened Bliss Code℠ energy transmissions, Reiki, and Seraphic Healing.

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Our Most Popular Courses

Bliss Academy brings you all four levels of Awakened Bliss Code℠ and the popular 5-week program, The Bliss Blueprint℠.
In addition to this core curriculum, special events and masterclasses will also be posted here.


The Bliss Blueprint

Welcome to The Bliss Blueprint, a 6 week program which explores and integrates the 5 layers of the Self. The Bliss Blueprint is an ancient mystery teaching distilled into a modern day formula to help you reach your True Nature and live a life of fulfillment.
Introductory Rates!
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The Awakened Healer: Awakened Bliss Code℠ – Levels 1 & 2 Summer 2021

planet, universe, flowers

The Wayshower: Awakened Bliss Code℠ – Level 3

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The High Priestess/Priest: Awakened Bliss Code℠ – Level 4

flowers, plants, wildflowers

Awaken Your Inner Wildflower Masterclass

In this free masterclass, explore what Awakened Bliss Code℠ is all about. You will connect with the primal, free-flowing power of your inner wildflower. We will travel to the Akashic records where you will go to the Wild Bliss Fields to receive healing and a special message.
Introductory Rates!

The Awakened Healer: Awakened Bliss Codes℠ – Levels 1 & 2 Winter 2021/22

Learn From one of the Field's leading energy healers

Alexandra has studied with world-renowned healers including Michael Brian Baker and William Lee Rand. She was raised with Reiki and was exposed to a wide array of spiritual modalities as a child. Psychic gifts, channeling, and mediumship has been passed down in her family for centuries.

Alexandra Hanly - Founder and Head Priestess

In addition to her Bachelor’s Degree in Psychology, Alexandra has already at quite a young age received top certifications and has a vast amounts of knowledge and experience as a:

Holy Fire Karuna Reiki Master Teacher
Akashic Records Healer, Reader and and Architect
Seraphim Blueprint Practitioner
Light Language Translator
Chakra Healing Practitioner
Pranayama Breathwork Healer
and more…

Alexandra channeled the healing energies of the Awakened Bliss Code℠ and then formulated a four-level system to share this powerful and leading-edge healing technology with others to help carry us into the awakened age of Aquarius.

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