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Akashic Meditation

Free meditations and activations. A gift from Bliss Academy to you. 

Chakras Journey

A self-guided chakra course with healing activations and mediation journeys.

Awakened Bliss Codes℠

Level 1 & 2 ABC live online certification course. Includes Bliss Blueprint, Reiki 1 & 2, and Holy Fire Master. 

Galactic Star Society

Join Alex and Pamela in their Galactic Star Society Membership.

Bliss Blueprint℠

One of Bliss Academy’s most popular offerings; a five-week live online course. Transforming your life starts here. 

Starseeds Course

Self Guided online course. Discover intergalactic Star Nations and far-away planets and solar systems. 

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Chief Spiritual advisor and World-Leading Subtle Energy Expert

Alexandra is a Chief Spiritual Advisor and creator of the leading-edge Awakened Bliss Codes℠ energy technology channeled directly from the Akashic records. She is an internationally-known Akashic Records Architect, Multigenerational Psychic-Medium, Galactic Shaman, and Intuitive Healer. She has extensive yogic and Vedic knowledge and has studied with the most highly regarded and influential spiritual experts in the world. She earned her BA in Clinical and Counseling Psychology and holds a vast array of holistic healing and spiritual certifications.

Alexandra founded Grace Through Gravity (GTG) to empower humanity and guide spiritual leaders, light workers, starseeds, healing practitioners, and higher-self seekers on their paths to bliss and holistic wellness all across the globe. She teaches practitioners, executives, thought leaders, and empowered individuals through exclusive 1:1 private spiritual advisement, expert small group consulting, and online spiritual upgrade programs through her bespoke modality. ⁠⁠The overall mission of GTG is to help animals and support as many souls as possible in reaching their highest life purpose. ⁠⁠As a passionate believer in compassion for all souls, GTG is proud to contribute a minimum of 11% of all proceeds to animal charities.

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