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Alexandra is a Chief Spiritual Advisor and creator of the renowned, leading-edge Awakened Bliss Codes℠ energy technology channeled directly from the Akashic records. She is an international best-selling author, the founder of Akashic Architect℠ and Bliss Blueprint, Multigenerational Psychic-Medium, and Intuitive Healer. She has extensive yogic and Vedic knowledge and has studied with the most highly regarded and influential spiritual experts in the world. She earned her BA in Clinical and Counseling Psychology and holds a vast array of holistic healing and spiritual certifications.

Alexandra founded Grace Through Gravity (GTG) to empower humanity and guide spiritual leaders, light workers, healing practitioners, and higher-self seekers on their paths to bliss and holistic wellness all across the globe. She teaches practitioners, executives, thought leaders, and empowered individuals through exclusive 1:1 private spiritual advisement, expert small group consulting, and online spiritual upgrade programs through her bespoke modality. ⁠⁠The overall mission of GTG is to help animals and support as many souls as possible in reaching their highest life purpose. ⁠⁠As a passionate believer in compassion for all souls, GTG is proud to contribute a minimum of 11% of all proceeds to animal charities.

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Experience, Licenses & Certifications

  • International Best-Selling Author
  • Creator of the renowned leading-edge energy technology, the Awakened Bliss Codes℠
  • Creator of Akashic Architect℠ and Bliss Blueprint℠ 
  • Bachelor’s Degree in Clinical and Counseling Psychology
  • Full Recipient of Bonner Scholarship for Service in Community and AmeriCorps Alumnus
  • Founder of Grace Through Gravity L.L.C.
  • Registered and Licensed Holy Fire® Karuna Reiki Master Teacher
  • Seraphim Blueprint Level 6
  • Yoga Alliance Registered 500 hour Yoga Instructor
  • Certified Crystal Healer
  • Advanced Angelic Healing Practitioner 
  • EFT Tapping 
  • Lunarology Certification
  • Pranayama Breathing Facilitator
  • Ogham 
  • Sound and Color Healing
  • Light Language Channeler
  • Starseed/Soul Origins Reader
  • Yin yoga, Qoya Yoga, Yoga Nidra

Areas of Expertise

  • Energetic Technology, Light Codes & New Age Spirituality Modalities
  • Awakened Bliss Codes℠ (Advanced Energy Technology) & Karuna Reiki Master, Color and Sound Healing
  • Vedanta and Vedic Texts
  • Ancient Philosophies, Stoicism 
  • Akashic Record Travel & Architect
  • Time Travel & Timeline Collapse, Space-Time, Quantum Spirituality, Manifestation & Advanced LOA Principles
  • Star-Seeds, Ancient Star-Races & Earth Visitors, Extraterrestrials, Ascended Masters
  • Portals, Dimensions, Traversing Other Realms, Space & Spirit Clearing
  • Spiritual Guides, Angels, The Council, Seraphim
  • Channeled Divination, Tarot Reading, Psychic- Mediumship, Developing Psychic Abilities
  • Yoga, Pranayama, Philosophy, Mystery Teachings for Dark Night of The Soul, Addiction & Adversity, Feminine Entrepreneurship/Soulpreneurship
  • Crystal Energy Infusion for Healing, Crystal Grids, Confidence, Mindset, Self-Love
  • Spiritual Thought Leadership & Writing

Work withalexandra

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Private Chief Spiritual Advisement

Alexandra has found that her clients get the best results when a program is tailored to meet their unique goals and needs. Through her bespoke session packages, clients tap into their authentic selves and start enjoying all of the success, love, abundance, and bliss that is possible for them.  Alexandra holds a select number of private sessions per year. Applicants are carefully screened to make sure they are ready for the deepest level of spiritual guidance possible. Alexandra provides private counsel for Thought Leaders, Spiritualists, Entrepreneurs, C-Suite Executives, 6 to 8 figure earners, and anyone else fully committed to growth.

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Small Group Spirituality Courses & Certifications

Alexandra’s fully-accredited small group courses are specially crafted spiritual upgrade programs designed as an interactive learning experience with the core commitment of empowering you to reach your highest potential Each course focuses on deep exploration, with intimate group discussions and innovative practices that will change your perspective forever. Alexandra’s methodology is relevant for all levels of spiritual seekers, from beginners looking to learn a new approach or technology to experts who want a fresh perspective on their own teachings. She combines cutting-edge energetic techniques with ancient mystery teachings.

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Spiritual Advisement Exclusive Membership

This exclusive membership circle is the perfect extension to support your journey after – or in tandem with – the group programs or 1:1 Chief Spiritual Advisement. It also serves as an excellent entry point for those who are curious about working with Alexandra. The circle includes monthly energy transmissions, readings, channeled messages, a private forum for Q&A with Alexandra, and special discounts. In these sessions you continue to upgrade yourself and expand your potential. This circle is an excellent way to “stay on your path,” connect with like-minded individuals and get support from Alexandra and the GTG community.

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