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Become an accredited Certified Practitioner in today’s most powerful, multidimensional, leading-edge energy technology!

You're Exactly where you're meant to be

If you’re here now, it’s because the Awakened Bliss Codes℠ are calling for you; your soul is ready for the next level of your spiritual journey.

The Awakened Bliss Codes℠ (ABC for short)  is a system of energy transmissions that were channeled directly from a Council of ascended masters in the Akashic Records. The Codes are living, breathing energies that help you to activate your latent DNA and turn on your multidimensional powers and abilities. Once you receive these Codes, they go to work right away to help you evolve and awaken to your highest potential.

The information and frequencies contained within these Codes are some of the most advanced and powerful that has ever been released on Earth (at least since the time of Atlantis). They are designed to help humanity remember who we really are, where we come from, and why we are here. It helps you to re-remember your sovereign nature and tap into your highest potential as an embodied parcel of Source. These codes restore your connection to your God-self, making anything possible.  here

The Awakened Bliss Codes℠ is for the starseeds, the leaders and visionaries, the healers, the mentors and coaches, the spiritual entrepreneurs, and the spiritually curious who are ready to explore, connect, and uplevel.

Through this program, you are guided to uncover your soul gifts which are then activated through the process of remembering who you truly are. You see that there is much more to life than what meets the eye. Not only does this allow you to awaken but it also reveals a better version of yourself…one that has all the answers within already! Through this process, you learn how to use the codes of ABC for healing both yourself and others. 

Imagine what it will feel like to wield some of the most powerful energies in this universe for the highest good of all. How amazing could our world become if we use these energies and our heightened consciousness to help uplift the world? Picture what your life would look like when you have the power of pure potentiality and limitless love at your fingertips. 

This is just the beginning and you can help lead this movement. 

We are starting our next round on January 19th, 2023!

Welcome to ABC

This world is awakening and cosmic energy is returning to the power of the people. The Awakened Bliss Codes℠ is a pioneering new-wave energy system consisting of galactic Codes that were channeled from higher sources in The Akashic Records – Alex calls them “The Council.” 

ABC is designed to help individuals and humanity as a whole as we usher in the new and transcendent Age of Aquarius. 

ABC is profoundly healing but it is not limited to merely just “energy healing” – it is so much more than that.  It is an energy technology, meaning that it activates frequencies which can control energy in a multitude of ways. We activate specific Codes to direct energy just like electricity moves through an appliance, but in this case the instrument is our body and the control mechanism is our mind. 

The transformation and codes that you embody from this course can create an impact in your life, your business/vocation, the world, and the entire multiverse (yes, really). What you once thought were imaginative possibilities become tangible experiences for you when you have the right support system, energetics, and community. 

Student Experiences

People experience massive transformations working with Alex. 

Here are just a few testimonials from her students.

"The energy exuded by Alex's radiant presence infuses the participants. I had many unique and new experiences with unexpected positive mental shifts that I could grasp immediately as well as embrace for further development. I feel as if my consciousness has been changed and indeed, expanded. I have a real mindshift in my connection to what is the universe and what is my place in it."
Stock Trader
"I most definitely will be recommending this course to friends because I know they will grow spiritually and glean comfort from the practices. I loved the time spent in class. Above and beyond it being extremely informative and transforming; it felt extremely sacred. I felt a transformation has taken place and I am left yearning for more!"
Reiki Master, Massage Therapist
"Working with Alex has been an absolute joy! I immediately felt drawn and connected to her and this feeling was spot on. Alex provided tons of information up front so I was prepared for training. She is without a doubt, a knowledgeable and passionate teacher. What really sets Alex apart, is the time she dedicates to each student’s success and own healing journey. She teaches from a place of genuine and true caring. I continue to be grateful for the way she has blessed my life and guided me. I look forward to taking more trainings with Alex If your intuition is leading you to her, trust that feeling!"
Reiki Master, E.O. Specialist, Mother

Awakened Bliss Codes

Level Structure

ABC has 4 levels in total, all the way up to Master Teacher training. 

Every level of certification includes corresponding Reiki training so that you can meet the world where it is at now which makes you better equipped to help support the world into the ascending Age of Aquarius. 

This ABC Levels 1 & 2 combined training program includes the first 2 levels of ABC certification training and Holy Fire Reiki levels 1, 2, and Holy Fire Master Teacher certifications. The Bliss Blueprint 6-week course is a required prerequisite which is included for free when you sign up for ABC! 

The Codes of
ABC Levels 1 & 2

The Awakened Bliss Codes are fully accredited and endorsed by the Complementary Therapists Accredited Association

By joining ABC, you will be on the cutting-edge of energy technology today, leading the vanguard of the mass awakening that humanity is currently experiencing. 

You will be attuned to the following 8 codes: 

  1. Bliss Consciousness – uplevel yourself and the collective, balance Universal polarity, and activate amrit, the nectar of immortality within yourself

  2. Sacred Geometry – receive the master vibrational key to the Universe; tap into the layers of all beings including plants and planets 

  3. Strength and Peace – the ultimate pairing for unparalleled power. Excellent for healing, increasing strength and endurance, creating emotional stability, overcoming anxiety, and helping souls transition through birth and death. 

  4. Eternal Gratitude – process the past without painful nostalgia, connect to profound degrees of gratitude. This code includes gratitude manifesting techniques. 

  5. Creation code and divine chaos – tap into the most primordial energies of creation and use them to create and heal. 

  6. Ancestry – clear ancestral karma and connect with your ancestral support triad. 

  7. Invocation – manifest twelve times more powerfully with your voice and this code. Restore the ability to see the vibrations in everything in your matrix

  8. Portal – open portal windows and doors for yourself and clients for deeper meditation and astral travel
What's Included

By participating in this program you can easily become more aligned with your own being, more connected with Source/Spirit and download cosmic activation codes that can entirely upgrade your way of being in just a few months. Previous students have reported that their entire lives transformed. Walk away with less baggage, more energy, 5 certifications, and 8 cosmic energy codes that you can use right away for yourself, in business, your loved ones, and for the planet.  

2 Fully-Accredited ABC Practitioner Certifications

In this program, you receive two CTAA fully-accredited practitioner certifications in the most powerful leading-edge energy technology on our planet today. 

Soul-Aligned Business Training with Lindsay Mustain

Learn from one of the world’s best business coaches (and fellow Unifier) on how to create a heart-centered business so you can live out your purpose while being prosperous.

3 Reiki Certifications

Receive your Holy Fire Reiki 1 & 2, and Master certifications. The best way to help the planet ascend into new energies is to familiarize ourselves with the current healing energies. 


55 hours of LIVE training, lessons, practicums, activations, healings, group discussions, and meditations

Course Content for Life

Lifetime access to the divinely guided ABC program which includes course materials, class replays, and ~18 hours of recorded videos. 

Sacred Space

Connect with fellow participants and receive mentorship from Alexandra outside of our live gatherings.

The Bliss Blueprint

This renowned and highly transformational 6 week program is included for FREE as part of this program so that you can fill your own cup before helping others with the power of ABC.

Energetic Code Activations

Receive light code activations and initiations to the 8 ABC codes. These codes are not being taught anywhere else yet.

and there's more!

Every participant is shipped a complimentary Bliss Box, filled with goodies to assist you in your journey through the program. 

Each item inside your box is energetically cleansed, attuned to your unique frequency, and infused with Holy Fire Karuna Reiki, Seraphim Blueprint Energies, and the Awakened Bliss Code – every symbol! 

Value: $444


The Bliss Force

There is another thing we have that almost all energy modalities are missing – community. We are a FORCE. We are a collective, united in a single mission to help support the reharmonizing of the universe. This is where the future is inevitably headed, we are supporting the transition. We are the vanguard of humanity’s current era of awakening.

Course Modules

This program includes 5 modules and 33 hours of live classes. Reach out to Alex for the detailed course calendar. This next round starts on January 19th, 2023.

The Bliss Blueprint

Enjoy this highly transformational and healing 6 week program which is included for free when you sign up for ABC so that you can integrate your entire Being and connect with Source.

Reiki 1, 2 & Holy Fire Master Teacher Certifications

Receive Reiki training and earn your Holy Fire Level 1, 2 and Master Teacher Reiki certifications - start a Reiki business right away if you'd like.

Opening Ceremony & Orientation

Greet fellow participants and get acquainted with core concepts of ABC. Meet your Bliss Spirit Guide in the Akashic records.

ABC Level 1

Learn the first two codes of ABC which involve energies around Bliss consciousness, sacred geometry, and connecting with objects/beings multidimensionally.

ABC Level 2

Learn 5 more codes over a weekend intensive. These energies are centered around gratitude, creativity, manifestation, clearing karma, and ancestry.

Business Training

You are invited to join a half day VIP Soulpreneur business training with one of the world's most well known and successful business coaches, Lindsay Mustain.

Enrolment is current closed
Join the waitlist here

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It is important that we connect and assess if it is a good fit for everyone involved. 

We have a financing partner to help make this program accessible to everyone. 

For those who are accepted into ABC, the schedule and payment plan/financing options will be determined in our meeting. Thank you, and we are looking forward to hearing from you!

VIP Option

VIP Upgrade

Everyone in the program receives one private 1:1 session with Alex. If you would like to receive more, please mention this in your call so we can discuss options. 

Meet your instructor


Alexandra Hanly

Alexandra is a Chief Spiritual Advisor and creator of the leading-edge Awakened Bliss Codes℠ energy technology channeled directly from the Akashic records. She is an internationally-known Akashic Records Architect, Multigenerational Psychic-Medium, Galactic Shaman, and Intuitive Healer. She has extensive yogic and Vedic knowledge and has studied with the most highly regarded and influential spiritual experts in the world. She earned her BA in Clinical and Counseling Psychology and holds a vast array of holistic healing and spiritual certifications.

Alexandra founded Grace Through Gravity (GTG) to empower humanity and guide spiritual leaders, light workers, starseeds, healing practitioners, and higher-self seekers on their paths to bliss and holistic wellness all across the globe. She teaches practitioners, executives, thought leaders, and empowered individuals through exclusive 1:1 private spiritual advisement, expert small group consulting, and online spiritual upgrade programs through her bespoke modality. ⁠⁠The overall mission of GTG is to help animals and support as many souls as possible in reaching their highest life purpose. ⁠⁠As a passionate believer in compassion for all souls, GTG is proud to contribute a minimum of 11% of all proceeds to animal charities.

Talk to any of her clients and students and you will hear how committed she is to people, animals, and her work. If you want to work with someone who truly cares about you, you’re in the right place.


most frequently asked questions and answers

Reiki is a form of alternative holistic healing which channels life force energy through a trained practitioner to a subject. It is often done by “laying hands” but can also be transmitted at a distance. The most popular form practiced today is called Usui Reiki and was developed in the early 1900s. Holy Fire Reiki is an upgraded version of this traditional method. Reiki practitioners must receive formal training and transmission of the symbols from a certified Master. 

Reiki trainings are included as a free bonus in ABC courses because Alex believes it’s important to meet the world where it is at currently. If you already had your Reiki attunements, great! Each additional attunement you receive makes your channel even stronger. If you were trained in traditional Usui Shiki Reiki without Holy Fire, the addition of Holy Fire in this program will strengthen your channel even more and will increase the power of distance healing. Alex was originally trained in Usui-Tibetan method but upgraded to Holy Fire III which is specifically designed for in person and online transmissions. We see dentists, doctors and researchers continually upgrading their knowledge and skills. It is no different for us as energy practitioners – we need to stay on top of our trainings and update along with the rest of the community because humanity is always changing.

Alexandra was selected by a group of light beings, ascended masters, guides, angels, and guardians who she collectively calls, “The Council,” to download these Codes. These Codes did not actually come with a name, she named them herself and the reason behind the name becomes crystal clear in the program (it’s not a random name choice but very specific and meaningful). 

Alexandra connects with these beings in the Akashic Records and it took her a long time to establish a working relationship with them because at first she did not understand that they came through to her for a specific mission. 

The Council guides all members of The Bliss Force. Reach out to Alex if you have more questions or are curious about meeting them. 

The whole group receives weekly healings throughout the program and you will have one complementary 1:1 session with Alex. If you would like to upgrade to the VIP option of this program, let Alex know and you can receive weekly, bi-weekly or monthly private sessions at a discounted rate during the course. One on one sessions with Alex include ABC, Reiki, Akashic Traveling, past life viewing and healing, spirit clearing, tarot reading, mediumship and more. 

Grace Through Gravity takes the mission of helping animals very seriously and has always supported animal charities. Every service booked through GTG supports animals. 11% of this program will go directly to that cause. Contact Alex for a list of the organizations she normally donates to or to suggest one that you’d like to support!

Of course, what you put in is what you get out of it. If you put in the work and have faith then I’m sure you will see transformations. Keep in mind about divine timing and everything happening for your highest good. 

Most students do see immediate improvements but that won’t be the case for everyone because we are all unique. For some, it may take months of keeping up these new habits and higher frequencies before you start seeing noticeable changes in your life. 

You will always have the support of The Bliss Force and behind you. It’s not like you take this course and then are all on your own. Remember, this is a community that continues to grow together. 

Payment plans are always available. 

Alex does offer some limited  opportunities for work exchange on a need-only and first-come basis. 

contact Alex at 

Say Yes to Your Bliss

Are you ready to transform your life in a true and sustainable way? You have nothing to lose but everything to gain. Join the Bliss Force – start transforming humanity and yourself in a divinely profound way.
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